Our Faculty

Our teachers strive to transcend the realms of functioning as mere purveyors of knowledge and endeavor to impart comprehensive, quality curriculum in a manner that sustains the interest of the child.

The school pursues a policy of careful recruitment of teachers followed by intensive orientation. These efforts have translated into the formation of a highly qualified and experienced team of 600 teachers, who are committed to their profession.

The CEO is the institutional leader who is responsible for articulating the mission of the school, shaping its culture and protecting and maintaining its integrity.

He is backed in his efforts by an efficient team comprising of the Principal, Section Supervisors, HODs and Subject Coordinators.

This team works towards building a work ethos in the school that is characterised by clear goals, specific directions and confidence in subordinates.

The delegation of responsibilities to staff in accordance with specialisation and competence has helped nurture expertise in various fields.