Forthcoming October (First Half) 2017

September 28, 2017


Grade 5 & 6

Term 1 Examination will be conducted from October 8th onwards. This exam will help students & teachers to monitor and improve their teaching - learning.

Grade 7 & 8

Thematic Assembly titled ‘International Day of Non Violence’ will be held on October 2nd. During this assembly, students will highlight the importance of the day and the need for peace with reference to leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Term End Examination will be conducted on October 5th till 16th.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

International Day for Elderly People will be celebrated on October 2nd. The objective of this day for students is to take a stand against ageism by drawing attention to and challenging negative stereotypes and misconceptions about older persons and ageing. They will try to sensitize the young towards the aged and the needy and inculcate the values of love, compassion and care for elderly people over recess radio.

International Day for Non Violence will be held on October 2nd. This day will be an opportunity for students to secure a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding & non-violence and to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy & strategy of non-violence. They will host a chat show on recess radio highlighting ideologies of Gandhi who adopted nonviolence as a philosophy and an ideal way of life.

World Teachers Day will be celebrated on October 4th. Through special assembly, students will extend their sincere gratitude to teachers for showing the path towards success and enriching their personality by imparting ethical & academic knowledge. It will also be an opportunity for them to represent a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation displayed for the vital contributions that teachers make to education & development.

First Term Exam will be conducted from October 5th till 15th. This exam aim to evaluate academic progress of students and assess their writing skills & time management in an eighty marks paper. They will be assessed for the entire term 1 portions as per the guidelines issued by CBSE. It will help them to ascertain understanding & mastery in the portion completed and fill gaps in the teaching-learning process. For grade 10, 1st term exams will hold 40% weightage while allotting streams in grade 11.

World Mental Health Day with the theme ‘Mental Health in the Workplace' will be held on October 11th. The objective of this day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. Students will spread awareness about importance of positive mental which allows people to realize their potential, cope with the stresses of life, work productively and make meaningful contributions to the community.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Unit Test will be conducted from October 5th till 15th for grade 11 and Mid Term Test from October 12th onwards for grade 12.

Humanities Day will be held on October 7th. This day will help to encourage students to gain and develop their knowledge, conceptual understanding, research skills, analytical and interpretive skills. It will also help them in their communication skills contributing to their development as a whole.

Sciscape activity will be organised on October 8th. This activity will be an opportunity for students to get a platform to implement the things that they learn and showcase what and all that they have tried. They will get a chance to apply their ideas and present things differently in their own unique way.

Metanoia program will be conducted on October 8th. Through this program, students will celebrate Humanities Day with a different perspective.

Fortnight Delite program will be held on October 12th. The purpose of this program is to inculcate healthy eating habits among students. It will also help to establish cross curricular links between the subjects.


Special Presentations will be held on October 3rd for University of Westminster & Brunel University, on October 5th for O.P. Jindal Global University and on October 10th for Connecticut College, Baylor University & Northeastern University for grade 12. These presentations aims to give orientation to students about their programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.

US Universities Fair will be conducted on October 15th for grade 12. This fair will be an opportunity for students to meet university representatives and know about programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.


Student Talk on the topic ‘Social Intelligence’ will be held on October 1st for grade 5.

A Talk for Teachers from grades 5 to 12 on the topic ‘Understanding Students with Special Needs’ will be conducted during this month.


A Workshop will be conducted for senior secondary school teachers on October 7th in the subject of Chemistry by a resource person from India. This workshop will help to improve ‘Question Paper Setting’ skills. They will also be trained in handling ‘HOTS’ questions. These skills will help improve our students’ performance at the Board exams.


Our school teams will participate in the UAE Cluster (CBSE) Sports Competitions on October 1st & 2nd for Badminton at Abu Dhabi Indian School, Muroor, on October 4th & 5th for Chess at Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah and on October 8th, 9th & 10th for Swimming at Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi.