School News April 2019

May 20, 2019


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Meet and Greet was conducted on April 1st. Power point presentation giving details about the important locations in the school and teachers was presented for students. A welcome speech for grade 5 students and buddy system was also introduced.

World Health Day was held on April 7th. This day started with our school Doctor’s talk which was followed by a skit by grade 6 students. It helped to reinforce the idea of healthy habits.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘World Health Day’ was conducted on April 7th. This assembly put forth the message of the topic. It aimed to inform students that there are many different things that they can do to live a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy, being physically active, maintaining a healthy weigh and managing your stress.

World Book Day (Group Reading Competition) was held on April 23rd. The purpose of this day was to instill in students the love for reading. It also helped to develop a lifelong passion for reading with proper intonation and stress on the syllables.

Earth Day (Best Out of Waste) was celebrated on April 25th. Through this activity with an exclusive tool, waste material and various innovative & creative ideas of students were put together to bring something new and useful.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘World Book Day’ scheduled to be held on April 22nd was postponed due to operational issues and would be conducted on a suitable day during the month of May 2019.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Labour Day’ was conducted on April 29th. Students presented a video followed by a role play to highlight the importance of the day and presented the staff with beautiful hand-made cards to demonstrate their love & respect towards them. It helped them understand the contributions made by workers in various fields of life to the society and to have respect for each & every person.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

World Health Day was celebrated on April 7th. This day helped grade 7 students develop a ‘Healthy Menu’ card while grade 8 students came up with ‘Healthy Recipes’. It was an opportunity to raise the awareness among them about healthy living.

Service Day (visit to Junior School to help teachers to settle the KG 1 students) planned on April 11th was cancelled due to operational issues.

Special Assembly titled ‘Tolerance’ was conducted on April 15th. Students conducted this special assembly with a short skit in three languages- English, Hindi and Arabic. It helped to instill the value and importance of tolerance among them.

Earth Day- Best Out of Waste Competition was held on April 22nd. This competition was an opportunity for students to recycle used materials. It also created awareness among them about depleting resources on the earth. Grade 7 students developed Photo Frames out of throw-away materials while grade 8 students designed Wall Hangings.

Special Assembly titled ‘World Book Day’ was conducted on April 23rd. During this assembly, students put up a skit on good habit of reading in 3 languages- English, Arabic and Hindi. The characters from the story books came alive in form of ‘Character Parade’. It aimed to inculcate the habit of reading and to make them understand the importance of books.

Grade 8 (Boys)

Book Cover Making competition- World Book Day was held on April 23rd. Through this competition, students designed a book cover on the topic ‘Respect and Diversity’. It was an opportunity for them to express their creative ideas to make books appealing.

Grade 9 (Girls)

MEP Talk on the topic ‘Earth Day’ was conducted on April 24th. The talk was given by the section Supervisor and the Head of the Department for Chemistry with the objective of creating awareness about the global challenges of sustainability and water scarcity. (MEP – Moral Education Program)

Poster Making based on the MEP Talk was organised on April 25th. Students showed their abilities through art. It was an opportunity for them to express their feelings in the form of quotations, paintings, sketches and more.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Welcome Assembly for grade 9 students as well as the newly admitted students was conducted on April 3rd. This assembly was organized by the Student Council members (batch 2018-2019) under the supervision of the section Supervisor. The main objective was to instill hope and initiative for the new Academic Year.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Earth Day’ was held on April 24th. Students from grade 10 of Topaz House organised this assembly. It created awareness among students about the need and importance of Environmental Conservation.

Orientation Program for parents was organised on April 24th. This program aimed to make the parents aware about the syllabus, the assessment framework, the school policies and the co-scholastic opportunities provided by the school.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

International Mother Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. Through poster making competition for grade 9 and extended writing competition for grade 10, students became aware about the need to conserve our rich biodiversity and thereby make Mother Earth even more beautiful.

Student Council Election was conducted on April 28th. Students along with the teachers elected the representatives for the different posts. It helped students to learn that voicing their preferences is of utmost importance in selecting the right leaders who will represent them.

International Dance Day was held on April 29th. During this day, students from the four houses put up dance performances highlighting the culture, traditions and tourists highlights of a state of India that they were representing. They learnt to appreciate the cultural differences of the different states of India through their unique dance forms and songs.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

An Orientation for students was conducted on April 7th. The purpose was to introduce students to the new Rahhal scheme of working and the concept of Junior College.

Talents Day was held on April 17th, 18th & 30th. Students participated in offstage competitions - collage making with the theme 'Rahhal - I dare to disrupt' and flower arrangement for ‘centre piece with the school theme’. It was an opportunity for them to express creatively their perception on the new Rahhal scheme through wonderful collages and to showcase their outstanding talent in arranging flowers- handmade, fresh and dry, befitting to the theme. In the stage events competition, they were engaged in group dance on the theme ‘Dreams’, poem writing on the theme ‘Growing Up’ and movie making on the theme ‘Traveler’.

Fortnight Delite was conducted on April 18th. The menu was prepared by the Home Science students with the Commerce Department taking the lead in procurement of raw materials, marketing, selling and accounting for the entire program. The green patrol leaders were also involved in the process.

Picnic to Motiongate was organised April 25th. This activity was an opportunity for students to get closer to their new classmates and teachers. It also aimed to inculcate the values of sharing and acceptance outside their normal classroom environment.

Student Council Elections "meet the candidates" program was held on April 28th. Through this program, students met the candidates for the posts of Headgirl & the four House Captains. It helped them decide and vote for the most befitting candidate. This democratic voting system is the most outstanding feature of the Student Council elections in the senior secondary section of the school.

Grade 12

Salesmanship Field Trip to Dubai Refreshments LLC, Pepsi was organised on April 24th for divisions ‘K & M’ commerce students. This educational trip was part of practical activity for salesmanship. It was an opportunity for them to visit soft drink processing unit, container manufacturing unit, labelling and packing unit in the factory tour. They also observed and collected information on manufacturing process of different soft drinks, packing, packaging, sales organisation structure, channels of distribution they follow, standardization, labelling, quality control and more.

Entrepreneurship Field Trip to Al Rawabi Dairy Farm was organised on April 29th for divisions ‘J & H’ commerce students. This trip is part of their educational program. Students observed how the milking is done, processed and packed. The representative explained briefly about the packaging process followed by how it is transported. It was a wonderful experience for them to understand how their theoretical studies are worked out practically. They enjoyed and learned lot of information.


Arabic Good Handwriting competition was conducted on April 22nd for grade 5 & 6. Students improved their Arabic handwriting as they did a lot of practice before taking part in this competition.

A Visit to Al Farooq Mosque and Centre was organised on April 24th for grade 6. The outcome of the visit was very encouraging. Both students and teachers who accompanied them were very appreciative of the visit. They learnt about the basic knowledge of Islam, the excellent Islamic architecture of the mosque and more.

Arabic Elocution competition was conducted on April 30th for grade 9. This competition aimed to improve the Arabic speaking skills of students and their confidence.


SAT Mock Test was conducted on April 16th for grade 11 & 12.The objective was to expose students with test preparation and have experiential learning to know the coverage & scope of SAT. It helped them gained confidence to take the actual SAT as they could prepare for the areas they have difficulty.

Information Session on Global Research Immersion Programme (GRIP) was held on April 20th for grade 11. Through this session, students were oriented about the benefits of being engaged in a global research project and understand its details.


Talks for Students on the topics ‘Get set Goal’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Self Esteem’ were conducted on April 7th, 8th & 14th for grades 5 & 8 boys and grade 6 girls & boys respectively. During these talks grade 8 boys were taught on how to set SMART goals, grade 5 boys were given strategies to establish effective time management skills and grade 6 were equipped with strategies to improve their self-esteem. PowerPoint Presentation and video followed by Q&A were included.

Talks for Teachers – Orientation were held on April 11th, 15th & 27th. Newly recruited teachers were given an understanding of the functioning of the Counselling and Career Centre. PowerPoint Presentation followed by Q&A was included.

Talks for Students on the topics ‘Bully Proofing’ and ‘Managing & Handling Pressure’ were conducted on April 22nd & 23rd for grades 7 & 9 boys respectively. Grade 7 students were equipped with effective strategies to deal with bullies and grade 9 students were given effective strategies to handle pressure.


CPD Program on Microsoft Office Level 2010 was conducted from April 15th till 29th for teachers. This program included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Counsellors and Special Educators attended the GETEX Counsellors Forum held on April 18th at Hotel Novotel, DWTC. This forum served as a platform for school counsellors to network, learn and exchange best practices in the interest of the student.

A Session titled ‘Working Group on Reading’ was conducted on April 27th for Special Educators, LSA and Counsellors. This session dealt on how we can effectively use reading as a teaching tool to bridge learning gaps and enrich the quality of our student’s educators.