School News June 2017

September 11, 2017


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Zakat (celebrating a cause towards humanity) was held on June 21st.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Periodic Test 1 was conducted from June 4th till 13th. The objective of this day was to provide students an opportunity to display their attainment and progress in learning.

Ramadan – Charity Drive was held on June 15th. Students enthusiastically brought Ramadan Kits which were distributed to the labors in Al Quoz Labour Camp. It helped to foster the idea of voluntary community service and to provide them with learning experiences that help respect & promote the culture & heritage of UAE.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

Environment Day (Adopt a Plant) was celebrated June 14th.

Iftaar in school was organised on June 15th.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Periodic Test - 2 was conducted from June 4th till 11th.

PTCS (Parent Teacher Contact Session) was held on June 21st.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

World Environment Day was celebrated on June 15th. During this day, students participated in an inter house poster making competition with the theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’. They presented their unique and magnificent posters using their creativity, innovative thinking and brilliant art work. They also spread the mantra of the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Winners were declared based on creativity, neatness, content and innovation.

Charity to the Emirates Red Crescent was conducted on June 15th. In the spirit of the month of Ramadan and the Year of Giving, staff members and students contributed various food items to help needy and vulnerable people. They were familiarised with the philanthropic work done by the organization in various countries around the world and encouraged them to serve as volunteer. It helped them to inculcate the values of compassion for others, love of community, care for the environment, and concern about social issues. It also helped them engage in an effort to entrench the values of philanthropy and altruism.


CPD program on E-Learning – “Destination Success” was organised from June 4th till 8th. This training helped our teachers to understand the collaborative tool needed. They were trained in the effective use of the eLearning modules along with the eLearning equipment that is made available in the classroom.