School News June 2019

September 11, 2019


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Talents Day was held on June 24th. This day was an opportunity for students to promote their artistic and musical talents.

PTCS (Parent Teacher Contact Session) was organised on June 25th. During this session, parents got constructive feedback of their ward.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Poem Writing competition was conducted on June 13th. The objective of this competition for students was to develop their power of imagination and their aesthetic sense.

Talents Day was held on June 23rd. This activity was an opportunity for students to exhibit their artistic and musical talents. It also helped to improve their self-confidence.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Periodic Test 1 was conducted from June 10th to 19th. This test aimed to assess and measure students’ progress.

Flair Forte - group dance, singing & drama was organised on June 24th. Through this activity, students were provided an opportunity to display their talent in dancing, singing and acting. They displayed their creativity, organizational skills and coordination.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

Elocution Competition (Hindi & English) with the theme titled ‘World Environment Day’ was conducted on June 8th. Selected students from each class spoke about different environmental issues. It aimed to enhance the awareness among learners for emerging environmental issues.

Talents Day was held on June 26th. During this day, students showcased their talents in solo song, group dance, instrumental band and art. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their artistic, musical and dancing skills. They had a great time and cheered for their friends.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Periodic Test 1 was conducted on June 10th to 19th. The purpose of this test was to check the learning and understanding of the students in various subjects.

Talents Scan was organised on June 25th. The objective of this activity for students was to demonstrate their talent in dance, stage presence and team spirit. They performed on various themes. It was a fruitful one as it catered to a comprehensive personality, artistic temperament and entertainment factor.

Hindi Divas was held on June 25th. This activity aimed to instill love and respect for the official language of India. Students emphasized on the importance of Hindi language through skit, dance and songs. The performances put forward were a good way to invoke respect and promote the use of this language.

Grade 10 (Girls)

Poster Making activity based on the topic ‘Addiction and its effects’ was conducted on June 23rd. This activity was an opportunity to watch young and talented students creating their ideas of a better environment for youth with no dependency.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Hindi Creative Writing competition was conducted on June 23rd. Students showcased their creative writing skills on topics provided to them on the spot. They demonstrated the ability to produce writing that is original and imaginative. It helped them boost confidence and improve language skill.

Poster Making competition on the topic ‘Say No to Tobacco’ was conducted on June 25th. This inter-house competition aimed to highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use. Students displayed how adolescents get attracted towards tobacco products and how its negative impact affects lung health, from cancer to chronic respiratory diseases. They raised awareness on the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and second hand smoke exposure, and to discourage the use of tobacco in any form.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

First Terminal Exam was concluded on June 27th for grade 11 and on June 30th for grade 12. The objective for students was to assess and evaluate their understanding of the portions covered from April till date.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

First Term Examination was conducted form June 8th till 26th for grade 11 and from June 12th to 29th for grade 12.


Arabic Spelling competition was held on June 23rd for grade 5 & 6. This competition helped to enable the students to improve their Arabic vocabulary.

Arabic Magazine was published on June 25th for grade 7 & 8. This activity was an opportunity for students to write an Arabic article and to showcase their talent in calligraphy or any other art.


Taster Program was held on June 9th for grade 11 & 12 Science, Commerce & Humanities. This program introduced the career guidance program with Mindler which has developed the world’s most advanced career guidance platform. It highlighted the features of the workshop for students scheduled in the month of September 2019 on “College Preparation for Admission in India universities”. Students gained positive insights in the challenges they have to face in seeking admission to India universities and became oriented about the Mindler career guidance platform.


Talks on the topic ‘Curtain Raiser for Grade 11’ were conducted on June 18th for students of grade 10 boys, on June 21st for parents of grade 10 boys & girls and on June 23rd for students of grade 10 girls. Through these talks, parents were guided about the criteria for admission to Grade 11 and were guided on how assist their ward with the right career choice. Students were also guided about the criteria for admission to Grade 11 and on making the right career choice. PowerPoint Presentation with cases studies was included.


Diploma in Special Education Needs for IS Team members was conducted from June 10th to 18th at National Academy, Karama. It was designed to help educational practitioners explore concepts of special education and approaches relevant to the teaching & learning of students with special education needs & disabilities.

CPD Program on Microsoft Office Level 2010 was organised from June 10th till 20th for teachers. This program included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Additional Senior School News July 2019

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

First Terminal Exams Results were declared online on July 3rd.

Grade 11 & 12

PTCS was organised on July 4th. This session was an opportunity for the teachers and parents to meet & discuss about the students’ performance and areas of improvement.