School News March 2019

April 9, 2019


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Declaration of Results Day was conducted on March 24th. Parents came to collect the Report Card of their ward.

Grade 7 & 8

Annual Examination concluded on March 5th.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

Open House was organised on March 25th. Annual results of the students were handed over to parents.

Grade 9 (Girls)

Annual Examination concluded on March 5th. The main objective was to evaluate comprehensively the learning and understanding of the entire year’s syllabus.

Grade 11

Annual Exams concluded on March 9th.

Annual Adventure Trip to Manali was cancelled due to the political unrest in that region.

Online Results Declarations and PTCS were organised on March 25th & 26th respectively.

Grade 12

Bridge Classes were conducted from March 10th till 21st.


Our students from grades 7 to 10 (age group 10 to 16 year old) participated in the Dubai Sports Council Art Competition with the topic titled ‘Cycling and Health’. This competition gave them a platform to visualize the storytelling and proved to be a valuable learning. It aimed to inspire all with its unique topic. Total of 150 students participated enthusiastically, showcasing their talents on the creative side using different mediums like poster color, sketch pens, collage and many more to explore. It was a pertaining competition for the betterment of the students’ future framework. Winners were honored during the Emirates Tour at Dubai on March 2nd.

Emirates Environmental Group Art Competition was held on March 31st for grades 7 to 10 (age group 9 to 16 year old). This competition was involving as the topics were humanized and were related as Kindness to Animals, Green UAE and One World, One Family. Total of 5 students participated enthusiastically, showcasing their talents on the creative side. It was a strong desirable competition for their welfare. It was also an opportunity for them to analyze and evaluate their techniques in Art.


The World Scholar's Cup (WSC) is a global debating tournament, attracting students from over all over the World. It was held on March 15th & 16th. Our school was the official partner. This program has attracted 'a global community of future scholars and leaders", and provided a platform for the young generation to "discover strengths and skills you never knew you had". It focuses on bringing students from different cultures together to discuss issues and ideas relevant to today. 780 students from 40 schools in UAE participated in the Regional Round- I held in our school. 11 Teams of IHS participated in this Round. 8 Teams of IHS cleared the Regional Round and qualified for the Global Round. The Global Round will be held from July 8th to 13th in Astana.


A Session on Developing Inclusion and Special Educational Needs was conducted on March 5th at University of Birmingham, Dubai for Inclusion Leaders. This session focused on school-wide frameworks and classroom practices that support students with disabilities in mainstream schools.

A Session on the topic “Why Include?” was conducted on March 6th at University of Birmingham, Dubai for Inclusion Leaders. This session focused on why inclusive education is important, how we know that inclusion is ‘working’ and challenges to inclusion that we can work to overcome.

CPD Program on E-Learning planned from March 10th till 28th for teachers was cancelled due to moderation and correction of students’ paper.