School News May 2017

June 21, 2017


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Talents Day was held on May 16th. Students took part in various programs such as dance, singing and drama. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their hidden talent and to develop a sense of self-confidence in them.

Origami Competition (Inter Class) was conducted on May 25th. During this competition, students exhibited their talent and skills in paper folding.

A Special Assembly titled ‘Significance of Ramadan’ was held on May 28th. Through this assembly, students celebrated the onset of Ramadan. It created awareness among them about the importance of this month.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Labour Day was celebrated on May 1st. On this day, students gave new T-shirts for chachas and didis of our school as a token of gratitude. It was an opportunity for them to appreciate their commitment & dedication and to encourage the values of giving back to society.

Talents Day was held on May 15th. This day was an opportunity for students to participate in various programs like singing, dancing, skit and more. They exhibited their artistic and musical talent. It also helped to improve their self-confidence.

Career Day was held on May 21st & 22nd. During this day, parents were invited to come and share about their profession to students. It helped to get a better understanding about their future career options. It also encouraged parents to enlighten young minds about their professions.

Poetry Writing in English, Hindi & Arabic was organised on May 22nd. This competition was an opportunity for students to showcase their writing skills and creativity.

Global Citizens Day was held on May 29th. Students participated in the ‘Best Costume’ competition. It helped them understand and appreciate the culture of their own and the world.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Labour Day’ was conducted on May 1st. Through a role play, students highlighted the importance of this day. Each of them represented a person from each profession to point how each and every one contributes in a big & small way. It also helped to instill moral and social values among them.

A Picnic to IMG Worlds of Adventure was organised on May 15th. Students enjoyed the wonderful rides with their hearts content. It also helped to develop their social values.

Talents Day was held on May 18th. This day was an opportunity for students to showcase their talents in dancing and singing. They displayed a sense of creativity and coordination with each other. It helped to develop their spirit of healthy competition and organizational skills.

Thematic Assembly was conducted on May 22nd. During this assembly, students highlighted the importance of the Holy month and gave information on various aspects of ‘Ramadan’. It also helped to inculcate among them the moral values and a sense of giving.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

World Family Day (Street Play) was celebrated on May 15th. During recess time, students performed a skit. It created awareness among them the importance of family. It also helped them realize the importance of being global citizens.

A Picnic to Motion Gate was organised on May 18th. This theme park with outdoor and indoor rides thrilled our students at getting an opportunity to play in the park. It also helped to bring out their individuality and that all of them get an enormous fun.

Service Day was held on May 20th. Through this day, volunteer students visited ‘Share N Care’ library in Karama to donate collected books. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the Year of Giving.

A Special Assembly titled ‘Ramadan’ was conducted on May 23rd. Students enacted a skit highlighting the importance of fasting during this Holy month. It created awareness among them about Islamic culture and values.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Dignity of Labor’ was held on May 2nd. During this assembly, students were involved in a Street Play depicting their theme. It helped to instill in them a sense of respect & appreciation for different kinds of labor and in uphold workers’ rights.

Cinema for a Cause was conducted on May 2nd. The purpose of this program was for charity and recreation. It helped students to develop their sense of charity and social commitment. They watched the Disney Blockbuster titled ‘Moana’ and proved to be a complete entertainer with a perfect blend of music & adventure.

Periodic Test - 1 was conducted from May 7th till 11th. Students were engaged in their first formal written test of the year. Their strengths & weaknesses in the various subjects and the teaching – learning process could be analysed.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Mother’s Day’ was held on May 10th. Through a musical skit, students depicted their theme effectively. They highlighted the value of a mother’s selfless love and care.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘The Essence of Ramadan’ was conducted on May 17th. Students conveyed the importance & rules of the Holy Ramadan through a dialogue in Arabic and later translated in English. They demonstrated an understanding of its significance and the basic rules & etiquettes associated with it.

A Picnic was organised on May 21st. This picnic helped to inculcate social skills and etiquettes in students. They had a fun-filled day at the IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai.

Grade 9 (Boys)

International Day for Biological Diversity with the theme ‘Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism’ was celebrated on May 21st. This day was an opportunity to raise awareness of the important contribution of sustainable tourism both to economic growth and to the conservation of biodiversity. Students participated in an interclass collage making competition. Each class was given a particular region to make a photomontage of flora and fauna. They showcased their creativity & imagination, team work and dedication towards the project. They successfully extended the message of nature conservation by shedding light on biodiversity hotspots.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Talents Day with an idea of ‘talent can’t be taught, but can be awakened’ was held on May 22nd. During this day, students displayed their refine and natural talents in various categories such as ad-mad, group dance, band, movie making & skits. They also honed several values like leadership, cooperation, responsibility and punctuality.

World No Tobacco Day was celebrated on May 31st. This day was an opportunity to create awareness about how tobacco can ruin a person’s and their dear one’s life. Students conveyed message that tobacco is not only a threat to one’s life but also threat to development of a nation. They staged a unique skit titled ‘Conversation between lungs and Cigarette’. It helped to make them aware about effects of smoking tobacco and its nicotine. They further promulgated the message that in order to lead a happy life one should not fall into peer pressure and get addicted to tobacco.

Grade 10 (Boys)

Thematic Assembly was conducted May 22nd. The objective of this assembly for students was to convey true meaning of ‘Ramadan’ and to render respect towards culture & the ones following the religion. Recitation from the Holy Quran followed by a speech and a skit that enlightened the audience about essence of fasting during the Holy month was included. They also shared the health benefits of fasting. It helped them understand how Ramadan plays a very important role in the lives of Muslims.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Talents Day was held on May 17th. This fun filled event begins with a surprise element of a flash mob followed by different segments with all creative and talented minds brought together. Dressed in their best outfits and lovely costumes, students made this day very memorable. Group dance, comic strips and group singing were included.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

Talents Day was held on May 10th. Students participated to showcase their talents in various segments such as group dance, battle of bands, wacky talents, solo singing and more.

Economics department conducted an Eco Forum 2017 on May 20th. Students were engaged in segments such as quiz, photo theme, newsroom, reality nomics and more. It helped to enhance their learning of the subject –Economics in a novel and play way method.

Poem Writing competition was held on May 23rd. Through this competition, students’ creativity and imagination in poetry writing was presented.

Annual Picnic to IMG Worlds of Adventure was postponed to second term in the interest to make the PBTS exam a success.

E-ship Trip to the factory was postponed as permission for the visit from the factory side was not granted. It is postponed to the second term in the month of September, 2017.

Grade 11 & 12

Investiture Ceremony was held on May 28th. During this ceremony, young leaders were awarded with badges followed by an oath taking where the Council members sworn in, promising to fulfill their responsibilities and duties. A video was also played displaying the hoisting of the flags of the four houses. The Head boy & Head girl marched on to the stage to deliver their maiden speech to their fellow student bodies sharing their vision and promising them an enjoyable & fun filled year ahead.


Arabic Calligraphy competition was conducted during this month for grades 9 & 11. It helped students to improve their handwriting skills.


A Special Presentation of Atlantic University School of Medicine for grade 12 Science with Biology / Chemistry was cancelled because students were not interested.

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) Mock Testing was conducted on May 4th by Amity University for grade 12 Science with Maths. Students with interest in the Architecture career were given a test preparation and experiential learning. They experienced how NATA was administered and learnt the scope and difficulty level of the test.

SAT Mock Testing was conducted on May 21st for grade 11. This program aimed to provide test practice and experiential learning among students and to know the coverage & scope of SAT. It also helped them to be more confident to take the actual SAT as they could prepare for the areas they have difficulty. The result of the test was distributed among students on June 15, 2017.


Student Talks on the topics ‘Higher Education Admissions’, ‘Self Esteem’, ‘Grade 11 – A Curtain Raiser’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘College Readiness’ were held from May 9th till 28th for grades 5 & 6, 10, 11 & 12 respectively.

Parent Talks on the topics ‘Grade 11 – A Curtain Raiser’, ‘Higher Education Admissions – US, UK, Canada, Ireland’, ‘Sculpt your Child’ and ‘Digital Parenting’ were conducted on May 12th & 19th for grades 5 to 12.


CPD program on E-Learning – “Destination Success” and “Use of Interactive White Boards” was organised from May 1st till 29th. This training helped our teachers to understand the collaborative tool needed. They were trained in the effective use of the eLearning modules along with the eLearning equipment that is made available in the classroom. It also helped us to determine the level and effectiveness of some of our teachers in using ‘Interactive White Boards’.

Harnessing Digital Resources in Classroom was held on May 4th for grades 5 to 8 teachers.

Workshop for grade 9 & 10 secondary teachers was conducted on May 11th in the subject of Mathematics. This workshop helped our teachers to improve their ‘Question Paper Setting’ skills and handle ‘HOTS’ questions.