School News September 2017

October 12, 2017


Grades 5 to 8 (Girls)

Science Exhibition was organised on September 13th. During this exhibition, our budding scientist put up a wonderful display of their scientific skills. The exhibition saw variety of exhibits ranging from a solar motor car to presenting a sustainable village. A lot of creativity and organizational skills were displayed by our students. It helped to develop their organizational skills, scientific enquiry and creativity.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Card Making competition titled ‘Teachers Day’ was conducted on September 5th. This competition was an opportunity for students to appreciate the dedication of their teachers. It also helped to develop their innovation, creativity and writing skills.

Visit to Old Age Home was planned on September 17th but due to KHDA inspection, it was postponed to October 2nd.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

English Extempore (Inter-House Competition) was conducted on September 10th. This competition helped students to develop their speaking skills and increase their self-esteem.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Onam’ was held on September 7th. Through this assembly, students presented a colourful depiction of the Onam festivities and the legend behind it. They also highlighted the traditional ‘Kaikottikali’ and ‘Vallamkali’. It helped them imbibe the values of equality, prosperity and togetherness.

French Assembly was conducted on September 27th. Students put up a full-length assembly in French. This assembly stood out in terms of the excellent communication skills that they exhibited in the foreign language. It gave them a platform to communicate confidently in French, thereby inculcating a sense of motivation for other students towards learning new languages.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Teachers Day was celebrated on September 5th. Through this day, students showed their acknowledgement and recognition with great zeal & passion for the hard work put in by teachers towards their all-round development. Their performance on stage exclusively for teachers was a memorable one. They also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all their mentors by presenting a plant signifying growth. Teachers felt nostalgic and praised the efforts of students to make this day a memorable one.

Onam celebration was held on September 6th. Students celebrated the vibrant festival with zest and exuberance. It was an opportunity to acquaint them with the rich culture of the state and fill the atmosphere of the section with fun. They narrated the tale of demon king Mahabali and one of the student dressed up as Mahabali walking on stage. It was an occasion for joy, compassion, gift-giving & solidarity and emboding Kerala's cultural unity and pluralism.

International Day of Charity was held on September 7th. This day aimed in mobilizing, giving, volunteering and humanitarian efforts across the globe. It promoted charitable efforts to alleviate poverty worldwide. Students contributed towards the goodie bags. These bags were presented by the Student Council to the ancillary staff of our school to honour and salute them for their indefatigable work. It was also an opportunity for them to encourage everyone to donate money & time, to carry out charitable works, to educate people and raise awareness about the many charitable issues worldwide. Education and giving were the essence of this day.

International Day of Democracy was held on September 13th. This year's theme of democracy and conflict prevention focuses on the critical need to strengthen democratic institutions to promote peace and stability. Our students took the initiative to celebrate this day through skits and speeches highlighting the importance and necessity of democracy. Grade 10 students took the effort and the first step towards celebrating democracy through a skit involving anti-racism purely curated by them. They executed it so well that the entire auditorium applauded the performances. They were successful in propagating the ideals of democracy.

Grade 10 (Boys)

World Tourism Day was held on September 20th. As the United Nations General Assembly affirmed when announcing the adoption of 2017 as the ‘International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development’, tourism can contribute to all the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – and each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Charged with this spirit, the Department of Social Science conducted a thematic assembly where students delivered an inspirational speech to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and move forward to ensure the positive impact of well-managed tourism on inclusive and equitable growth.

International Day of Peace with the theme ‘Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All’ was celebrated on September 27th. This day was an opportunity to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. With this objective, grade 10 students took the initiative to celebrate this day through a dance, highlighting the importance and necessity of harmony & brotherhood in the world today. It encouraged the gathering to develop and promote peace in every walk of life. They were successful in delivering the message.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Fortnight Delite program was conducted on September 18th & 28th. Through this program, students from Home Science, Marketing, Salesmanship and Accounting sold nutritious items like Energy Wrap, Lemon Mint Cooler, Amazon Treat & Choco Smoothie. They also presented a live demonstration of ‘Halloumi Pesto Sliders’ by our Alumni, winner of “Foodshala season 6”. The proceedings of the sales will go towards the Chairman’s Welfare Fund. It helped to introduce the concept of a nutritious meal in student’s life with fun & good taste and to provide them interdisciplinary learning opportunities. The Art & Craft and the Green Patrol departments also played a major role.

Grade 11 (Boys)

Magazine Release was organised on September 7th. As a part of summer assignment, students were asked to make a class magazine. They were guided to include all forms of writing like poems, articles, facts, travelogues, recipes and more. They came up with amazing work. The magazines were released during assembly and handed over to the class teachers of the respective divisions by the editor of the magazine. It was an innovative and a creative exhibition of the students’ talents.

ASL 1 – English on September 18th, Entrepreneurship Field Trip on September 19th and Math Workshop on September 23rd were postponed due to KHDA inspections. ASL is now rescheduled on October 11th, Entrepreneurship Field Trip is on October 5th and Math Workshop will be conducted November 2017.


Khirat Competition was held on September 11th for grade 7 & 8 boys. Through this competition, students were encouraged to read and recite Holy Quran.


Our IHSMUN team participated in GEMS Modern Academy MUN Conference from September 28th to 30th. It was a proud moment that our three students were selected as President of UN Committees. Twenty eight students participated as delegates. Our school also received six Best Delegate awards out of seven committees along with one Outstanding, one Honorable Mention and three Verbal Mentions. Our four students were selected as Director of GEMS Modern United Nations Conference. Keeping all achievement in mind, IHS was declared Best Delegation.


A Special Presentation of King’s College London was conducted on September 13th for grade 11 & 12. Through this presentation, students were informed about the college programs offered, admission requirements, application process & deadlines, and fee structure.

UK Universities Mini Fair was organised on September 24th for grade 11 & 12 Science. During this fair, the university representatives gave first-hand information about their programs offer for Engineering & Technology, admission requirements & deadlines and fee structure. Students were made aware of the programs offered and admission process in UK universities. Participated universities were Cardiff University, Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, University of Salford and University of West of Scotland.

A Special Presentation of Bentley University was conducted on September 28th for grade 11 & 12. Students were able to get knowledge about the university’s programs offered, admission requirements, application process & deadlines and fee structure.


Aptitude Assessments were administered from September 5th onwards for grade 10. These online assessments will help students towards proper subject selection and career choice. The assessment reports are expected by end of October 2017.

Student Talk on the topic ‘Study Smart’ was conducted on September 19th for grade 9 boys. Through this talk, students got tips to improve their study skills and exam performance.

News April 2017 (Additional)


We are proud to announce the winners of International Student’s Visual Arts Contest – cum – Exhibition of Hong Kong (HKISAC) – Photography ‘The Good Earth’ (2017). The results were announced in July 2017. Our students have won. Three students received Honourable Mention and each will be awarded a trophy & certificate. Twenty nine students received Certificate of Merit and each will be awarded a certificate.