School News September 2019

October 20, 2019


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Science Fair was held on September 16th. Students presented working models, projects and 3D models. It was an opportunity for them to display their organizational and scientific aptitude. It also aimed to provide a forum for budding scientists, encourage scientific skills and nurture creativity & talent.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Art Competition with the theme ‘Year of Tolerance’ was conducted on September 11th. This competition helped students in deepening their values of tolerance and co-existence among cultures. It also helped them develop their imagination, creativity and innovation.

Grades 5 to 8

Half Yearly Exams (First Term) were conducted from September 19th till 30th. These exams aimed to allow students to monitor and improve their learning, with the help of teacher’s feedback. Their performance was judged through summative assessments.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Science Fair was held on September 10th. This fair was an opportunity for students to display their creativity and innovation. Their topics for display were ‘Innovation in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics’ for grade 8 and ‘Innovations in daily life which are sustainable & eco-friendly’ for grade 7.

Inter-House Quiz competition was conducted on September 17th. Selected students from the four houses participated in the quiz after going through a Preliminary Round. They were quizzed on variety of topics like Science, Maths, Literature, Art, including UAE. It was an opportunity for them to look beyond their textual knowledge.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘International Literacy Day’ was held on September 3rd. During this assembly, students took a pledge to protect and practice the culture of literacy. It focused on emphasizing the importance of literacy. It also provided a thought-provoking quote from Malaya Yasafzi.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Festivals of India’ was held on September 11th. Topaz house students presented a dance highlighting the culture and festivals celebrated in different parts of India. It was an opportunity for them to learn about the diversity and depth of the Indian culture.

Periodic Test 2 was conducted from September 19th till 30th. The objective was to evaluate the students’ achievement and progress in each subject.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Hindi Diwas was held on September 11th. Students were encouraged to preserve & promote India’s linguistic interests related to Hindi language globally and to instill human values inherent in its literature. Lightening the lamp, speech on importance of the language, various activities and more were included.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Fortnight Delite was organised on September 11th. The purpose was to highlight the importance of healthy eating.

Grade 11 (Boys)

Class Magazines was released on September 8th. Students came up with class magazines which included poems, short stories, articles, reports, travelogues, facts, drawings, photographs and more. It was part of their summer assignment and they coordinated through different learning applications to make it successful. A total of 11 magazines with innovative names and content were released.

Salesmanship Field Trip was organised on September 29th. Students were taken on an industrial trip to Caporol Paints. It was an opportunity for them to visit departments such as sales, retail section, warehouse, paint manufacturing unit, packaging and more. Presentations and demonstrations on how stone finish painting is done (as done in Al Meeraz) were showed and how shiny & glossy interior painting is done (as done in JBR & palaces). They gained practical knowledge on trade and commerce.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

Talents Day was held on September 10th. This day was an opportunity for students to exhibit their talents in the form of musical band, group dance, wacky talents and movie making. Innovative, collaborative and a creative exhibition of their talents were showcased.

Sciscape with the tagline ‘Imagine, Invent and Inspire’ was conducted on September 18th. Through this activity, students’ collaborative, innovative and creative work was seen. They were engaged in four segments – Project Exhibition, Skit, Quiz, Mathematics Soft Presentations.

CommFactor was held on September 24th. This curriculum-based enrichment program gave commerce students an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge with real life situation. It also helped them enhance learning and explore their creativity. They participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the Quiz, Budding Chef, Skit, Ad- Creation and Movie making.


Teacher’s Appreciation Week was organised from September 2nd to 7th for grade 11 & 12 girls. During this week, various fun activities and surprises were arranged by Senior Secondary Student Council for their teachers. It was an opportunity to appreciate all their sincere hard work and dedication to their profession.

Teacher’s Day program was held on September 4th for grades 5 to 10 girls. Students paid tribute and respect to all their teachers by presenting a program filled with entertainment, music and games. It was designed to honour them and their contributions towards moulding the future citizens.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 4th for grade 9 & 10 boys. During this day, students were engaged in card making for their beloved teachers. They also performed a sparkling cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. The cultural show incorporated songs, dance and drama. They entertained teachers by arranging fun games for them. It was an opportunity for them to extend their sincere gratitude to teachers for showing the path towards success and enriching their personality by imparting ethical & academic knowledge.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 5th for grade 11 & 12 boys. Students showed their gratitude and love to their teachers. They entertained them with dance & melodious songs and organized tug of war & musical chairs. They also treated them with a yummy cake as a good gesture.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 8th & 9th for grades 5 to 8 boys respectively. On these days, students celebrated the contribution of teachers in their lives and shaping up the society. They expressed their gratitude by performing dance, music and skit. They also gave their handmade cards and gifts to honour them. It also helped to build relationship between students and teachers.


A Special Presentation of King’s College London (UK) was held on September 5th for grade 12. Through this presentation, students were oriented about the university’s programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.

Future Hotelier’s Workshop was conducted on September 8th at Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management for grade 12 Commerce & Humanities. The purpose was to provide an experience and exciting Food & Beverage workshop for students interested in joining an immersive experience in the fast-paced hospitality world. It also aimed to enhance their interest in the hospitality management field.

Artificial Intelligence Workshop was conducted on September 11th for grade 11 & 12 Science. The objective for students was to give a better understanding on the benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence which is a growing trend in this digital world.

A Workshop on “How to Apply through UCAS and Personal Statement” was conducted on September 15th for grade 12. This workshop aimed to encourage the students do early college search and have preparation. It helped them learn how to apply through UCAS and how to do personal statement to meet the admission requirements in UK universities.

Special Presentations of American University Rome (Italy), Franklin University (USA), Webster Geneva (Switzerland), Webster Lieden (Netherlands) and Richmond The American International University London (UK) were held on September 16th for grade 12. The purpose was to give orientation to students about their programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.

Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence”, “Machine Learning” and “Robotics” was conducted on September 18th at University of Birmingham Dubai Campus for grade 11 & 12 Science with Computer Science. During this workshop, students have gained knowledge and were provided with comprehensive information about artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Workshop on “Virtual Reality & Mobile Game Development” was conducted on September 19th at University of Birmingham Dubai Campus for grade 11 & 12 Science with Computer Science. Students got hands-on learning experience on virtual reality and mobile game development.

Special Presentations of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (USA), University of Queensland (Australia), University of Cincinnati (USA) and University of Westminster (UK) were held from September 22nd to 25th respectively for grade 12. These presentations aimed to give orientation to students about their programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.

Workshop on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) planned on September 29th for grade 12 Science with Biology was cancelled as students were not interested.


Talks for Students on the topics ‘Growing Up Gracefully’ and ‘Effective Communication’ planned on September 8th and 15th for grade 5 & 6 girls respectively were postponed to January, 2020 due to transferring of students to other campus.

A Talk for Students on the topic ‘Media Smart’ was held on September 9th for grade 8. The purpose was to help students understand media in today’s time and UAE cyber laws. It also helped them understand how gaming and excess screen time can adversely affect them.

Personality Assessment commenced on September 5th for grade 9 boys. This online assessment aimed at creating self-awareness and giving holistic picture of student’s dominant characteristics & traits. It will help them in making the right career choice.

Aptitude Assessment commenced on September 11th for grade 10. This online assessment aimed in helping students in making right subject and stream choice.

A Talk for Students on the topic ‘College Readiness’ (Part 1) was organised from this month onwards for grade 11. This talk helped students get a kick start for college readiness.

A Talk for Students on the topic ‘Adding value to your profile’ was conducted on September 16th for grade 9 boys. Through this talk, students understood how to make a good profile and ways to add value to it.

A Talk for Students on the topic ‘Positive Personality’ was held on September 17th for grade 7 girls. This talk helped students understand positive personality traits and learn how to develop them.


Talks for Parents were conducted on September 27th for grades 5 to 7 parents whose ward receives learning support. The objective was to equip parents with strategies to help their ward in vocabulary building and written expression & division.


Diploma in Special Education Needs for IS Team members was conducted on September 7th at National Academy, Karama. It was designed to help educational practitioners explore concepts of special education and approaches relevant to the teaching & learning of students with special education needs & disabilities.

CPD Program on Microsoft Office Level 2010 was organised from September 8th till 12th for teachers. This program included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.